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To enhance World’s inclusive development

American Assets Design work in close partnership with all stakeholders, including governments, USn IT industry and academia, to ensure that technology is leveraged as a catalyst for enabling more and more businesses, individuals and communities to realize their full potential. Under our global Citizenship charter, we believe that we can play a vital role in applying our technology expertise and resources to help solve societal challenges. American Assets Design has a long term commitment to World and its inclusive growth. We are committed to enhancing education and skill development; and enabling access to technology for the underserved communities.

To delight users with transformative experiences

In a world in which technology spans our busy lives at home, at work, at play and on the go, American Assets Design remains committed to providing everyone – people, businesses and brands – with the tools to be more effective, more creative, and more connected with the information and people that matter to them.Increasingly our software is being expressed through devices and services that span consumer and enterprise markets. It’s part of an overall transformation of our business. This is also why we’re investing in new technologies, new developer opportunities, and solutions for a variety of devices that are directly connected to the cloud.